Platform Experiture

What is Platform Experiture and what is it used for?

Experiture Marketing Platform puts at your disposal the simplest marketing tools on Earth!. Design flexible and automated workflows!.

Create fully developed customer experiences with truly cross-linked messages across email, web, mobile, social media channels and more.

Use sophisticated targeting and list creation tools to intelligently group your customers, so you can reach the right buyers at the right time!

Experiture is a cloud-based marketing platform for B2B and B2C vendors and offers customized marketing automation and customer engagement capabilities. The software offers a variety of features including email marketing, custom marketing content, search engine marketing tools, and analytics.

Experiture helps marketers create automated multi-channel campaigns, generate new leads, qualify and encourage leads, and turn leads into opportunities and offers. The platform supports email marketing, SMS marketing, custom landing page creation, and email customization and marketing content across all channels. The tool provides a unified view of the marketing database and can help synchronize the customer’s data warehouse with the customer’s IT systems.

The product was also integrated with third-party CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM and Velocify. Experiture helps improve the impact of online advertising campaigns by maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing efforts in search engines, reorientation, visualization, and PPC. The software provides reports, dashboard, and analytical features that help measure the effectiveness of campaigns across multiple channels and allow users to export data to different file formats such as CSV, XLSX, PDF or HTML. Other features offered by the product include WYSIWYG tools, drag-and-drop software designers, and social marketing tools.

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