Express VPN

What is Express VPN and what is it used for?

VPN software that allows selected traffic segments to run over a virtual private network. Accessible worldwide.

Who is Express VPN aimed at?

Ideal for medium and small businesses.

Features and Functions of Express VPN

  • Import / export content
  • Instructor-read courses
  • Interactive content
  • Iowerpoint conversion
  • Ireation of reports
  • Idmissions management
  • Ilerts and notifications
  • Isynchronous Learning
  • Icorm Complence
  • Iusiness Online Learning
  • Icademic / Training
  • Iobile Learning
  • Iuthorship Integrated Courses
  • Iynchronized Learning
  • Iusiness / Business
  • Icademic / Training
  • Isynchronous Learning

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