What is Expresspigeon and what is it used for?

With ExpressPigeon you can design amazing messages, backed by its powerful, advanced delivery platform. Let your email channels take off!.

Give your readers the best experience on any device. Get greater commitment to responsive, out-of-the-box designs and enhance your ROI with comprehensive ExpressPigeon reports.

Give your messages the best chance to be delivered and read with ExpressPigeon’s powerful and flexible distribution network. Your emails will look like they really came from you.

ExpressPigeon is a SaaS based email marketing solution that allows users to create emails, campaigns, and newsletters to share with larger audiences. The software is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.

The solution is compatible with almost all browsers and is available on various devices, whether it’s a desktop computer, a mobile device or a tablet. ExpressPigeon offers integration with other web-based services such as Google Analytics, Google Map, MailChimp, Eventbrite, Facebook and RSS. Some of its key clients include ContextMedia, Chicago Public Schools, Crossmark, the University of Pennsylvania and WalkerSands Communications.

ExpressPigeon offers customization capabilities to enhance customer engagement. Users can configure newsletter content based on rules to give control over customer content selection, scheduling, and distribution. Allows users to perform A/B tests to increase opening and click rates for different campaigns. Default templates and high customization feasibility allow customers to design their newsletters and forms using the drag-and-drop interface. It also allows you to embed YouTube videos into campaigns and forms.

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