What is Figshare and what is it used for?

Figshare is an ideal online digital repository for researchers, where they can preserve and share results, data, videos, images and documents.

Fig-sharing features aim to help you organize your research and get as much impact as possible, without adding time or effort to your day. Store your research privately until you choose to make it public with 20GB of free private space.

Figshare offers an unlimited public space where you can fulfill the mandates of donors, publishers and institutions for all your research. We accept any file format and intend to preview all of them in the browser.

With Figshare drag and drop your files to the desktop, for fast and resumable uploads, automate your research workflows, control access to your private files and folders with your trusted colleagues, quickly share large files with colleagues, then disable the link.

Group interesting content into collections to better showcase your research. Publishers will be able to create a library of all their digital media and data files and direct traffic to their articles, as well as handle large amounts of data without impact on their existing infrastructure.

With Figshare, institutions will have control of your institution’s research results with private storage, public storage and collaborative spaces. Administrators can view metrics for an object, researcher, department, or institutional level.

In addition, they will be able to display your institution’s research with a customizable portal of all public research results and manage the preservation of archives to become public, control quotas and manage rights.

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