What is Filehold and what is it used for?

FileHold is a full-featured enterprise-grade document management software, ready for desktops, browsers and mobile devices.

FileHold is feature-rich, enterprise-grade, and affordable. Its feature set provides document workflow review and approval, analysis, capture, indexing, storage, search, version control, and documents.

It can be installed locally on your server for full security or in the cloud. FileHold document management software makes it easy for organizations to improve security, increase compliance, streamline operations, and reduce paper usage while saving time and money.

With the Mobile version, documents are never out of reach. FileHold’s mobile collaboration app is available to busy information workers who rely on their smartphones for out-of-office productivity. With HTML 5 technology, access secure content anytime, anywhere, from a mobile device.

This document management software converts paper and electronic information into a secure, organized, version controlled and searchable electronic library. FileHold’s “paperless office” creates process efficiencies by enabling workers to collaborate and approve documents in electronic format.

Document approval and workflow moves your team from slow, cumbersome, and manual document processes to efficient electronic document routing for review and approval. The FileHold workflow module automates your business processes to increase productivity and lower costs.

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