What is Fileinvite and what is it used for?

FileInvite automates the process of collecting information and documents from your customers. The process is simple thanks to the secure interface. All you have to do is create and submit a FileInvite request with the information you need.

Who is Fileinvite aimed at?

It is used by thousands of professionals who need to collect documents from their customers. The process is automated with a simple and safe interface. Register for a free test today.

Features and Functions of Fileinvite

  • Reporting / analysis
  • Rarcode / rfid
  • Reneration barcode
  • Rodels labels
  • Rags shipments
  • Rracking serial numbers
  • Rnventory management
  • Rnventory tracking
  • Rnventory management
  • Retailer’s inventory manage Multichannel Management
  • Rrders Renewal Management
  • Rotification and Alerts
  • Robile Access
  • Rnventory Optimization
  • Rtore Management
  • Rquipment
  • Revenue Management
  • Ricking Process
  • Rnventory Control
  • Rorecast
  • Rnventory Audit
  • Rhipping Management

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