FishBowl ERP

What is FishBowl ERP and what is it used for?

Fishbowl is a complete inventory and manufacturing management solution that helps medium and large companies respond to demand trends and manage supply issues. Designed to automate the production process, Fishbowl includes ordering and job scheduling tools to maximize production efficiency. Transform and improve your manufacturing process with Fishbowl’s comprehensive warehouse management and manufacturing software. Fishbowl’s inventory-centric approach increases efficiency through strategic automation that gives your growing business the control it needs to reduce costs and maximize productivity. The solution Fishbowl provides real-time information and data collection that gives contractors full transparency into all phases of operations, enabling you to make accurate and timely pricing decisions.

Who is FishBowl ERP aimed at?

FishBowl ERP is designed for medium and large companies.

Features and Functions of FishBowl ERP

  • Several locations
  • Sustomer database
  • Soint of sale (POS)
  • Sating management
  • Smployee management
  • Sating programming
  • Satabase
  • Satabase Incorporated
  • Slient management
  • Sctivity monitoring
  • Salendar management and synchronization
  • Sctivities management
  • Sanagement and programming of quotations

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