What is Fleekdrive and what is it used for?

Fleekdrive is a file collaboration platform, regardless of work style, that focuses on real-time collaborative work.

When unused files remain, the storage will look like a trash can. Inactive files can be stored as a file for file management. If you upload a file with the same name, the version is automatically managed. The version can be selected in 4 stages, major, minor, revision, compilation. It is also possible to recover files from previous version.

With Fleekdrive, file generation management can be performed in the spaces specified as organization rules. Files should not only be stored but also be used effectively. You can search the string in the file so that you can immediately access the necessary files as needed.

In addition, the collaboration platform has no limit on the number and capacity of files to use. You can use unlimited usage of increasing files. There is no limit to the size of a file, it is possible to store large files, such as 10 GB.

Fleekdrive focuses on “collaborative work” where multiple people can collaborate on a single job, not only manage and share simple files, but also collaborate and edit files while chatting in real time, the team will maximize collaboration work.

If your team members want to edit the file while editing the file, you will be notified of editing permission. Advanced control such as “Only this time” or “Allow continuously” is possible. If you don’t want others to edit it, you can implement the same as check-in (exclusive control) unless you allow it.

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