What is Flowtra and what is it used for?

FlowTrac is an inventory management solution designed to help organizations in sectors such as education, business, humanitarian aid, and government streamline processes related to asset tracking, inventory, manufacturing, and more. The platform allows managers to assign assets to employees or customers, track facilities with entry and exit information, and receive alerts on return dates. The FlowTrac includes categorization that allows companies to search, analyze, and manage inventory by defining different custom categories or subcategories, such as product, brand, style, color, and manufacturer. Platform features include barcode scanning, offline access, electronic signature capture, audit logs, transaction history, policy management, service scheduling, email notifications, and more. FlowTrac automatically records employee hours, allowing managers to view active or pending processes, breaks, and shifts.

Who is Flowtra aimed at?

Aimed at small businesses, independent workers as well as medium and large companies.

Features and Functions of Flowtra

  • Audit log
  • Aracking location
  • Asset tracking
  • Anventory management
  • Aheck out

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