What is Flup and what is it used for?

Flup is a web solution that integrates communication, the educational process, online classes and accounting in one place.

The tool works with the Flup app, available for Android and iOS operating systems on mobile devices or tablets, and online through the platform itself in flup.es. Flup facilitates communication between teachers, students and parents, while serving as a platform for exchanging information using access to the cloud. Flup also works as an e-learning platform to teach private lessons online. Through this window you can make videoconferences from the educational center, presentations in real time or share recorded classes as an educational review. You will be able to manage your academy or educational center thanks to the large number of functionalities that Flup has. You can make registrations in a very simple way and respecting the Data Protection Law. You can also make invoices and remittances from the different students you have. You can create as many classes as you have, assign teachers with their own Flup profile, be able to send material to students and receive it again solved for corrections. 
You will have the possibility to make personalized reports of your students, make evaluations in the periods of time you want. Flup is a very complete tool for the management of your academy or educational center, do not hesitate to try it for free for 15 days.

Who is Flup aimed at?

Flop is directed for all types of educational center, from academies or private classes to private schools, through training centers, opposition centers or institutes in which management wants to be centralized by a single tool.

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