Forecast Pro

What is Forecast Pro and what is it used for?

Forecast Pro is an independent analysis tool for business forecasts that combines proven statistical methods with an intuitive interface.Forecast Pro is a comprehensive forecasting and management system.This affordable and easy-to-use solution gives your team the ability to create accurate and credible forecasts, along with the tools to efficiently manage, monitor and improve any process

Forecast Pro has an intuitive interface that displays hierarchical data in a tree-like structure, allowing you to work at any level of detail with a simple mouse click. As you navigate from item to item, synchronized windows that display graphical and tabular reports are updated instantly. Sharing your work is easy with Forecast Pro’s flexible output formats, including one-click reporting directly to Excel

The automatic “best choice” function allows you to generate accurate forecasts, even for thousands of items, in seconds. If you prefer to specify the forecast approach, Forecast Pro provides custom modelling options based on menus and a complete set of diagnostic tools.Comprehensive methods meet seasonal demand, product hierarchies, product promotions, new products, moving items slowly, causal variables, outliers and much more.

Features and Functions of Forecast Pro

  • Control version
  • Controls or access permissions
  • Cutomation process / workflow
  • Cobile access
  • Corms management
  • Crag and drop
  • Cull text Search

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