What is Forticlient and what is it used for?

FortiClient is endpoint protection software that helps small and medium-sized businesses identify and remediate malicious attacks across multiple vectors, such as web, USB, and email. The software inventory management module allows administrators to monitor all software installed on a terminal and remove outdated and unwanted applications. FortiClient enables monitors to perform on-demand, real-time, or scheduled scans to detect and quarantine malware and compromised endpoints. Administrators can extract user data from Active Directory and configure access rights so that only certain specific users can add or remove critical information. Vulnerability management functionality allows users to detect threats and attacks on third-party operating systems and applications. It also employs SSL-based encryption and two-factor authentication to provide a secure user experience.

Who is Forticlient aimed at?

Small and medium businesses,

Features and Functions of Forticlient

  • Plagiarism detection
  • Ptyle verification
  • Prammar check
  • Porrector contextual
  • Porrector score
  • Pheck spelling
  • Preate reports and statatistics
  • Pext editor

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