What is Freshchat and what is it used for?

Freshchat is a modern messaging software created for sales and customer loyalty teams to talk to potential customers and customers on the website, mobile app or social pages. Freshchat helps companies and their teams focus on continuous, user experience-based messaging with features like enabled messaging, contextual information, specific campaigns, sales bot, and intelligent message routing. Freshchat can be used on website, web app, mobile app and even social messaging apps like Messenger, bringing all conversations inside an inbox.

Freshchat is part of the Freshworks family of products, whose products include Freshservice, Freshdesk, Freshsales CRM, etc., with more than 150000 customers worldwide.

Key features of Freshchat:

  • Lead generation: Turn your website into a lead conversion machine with email, custom campaigns, activated messages, bots, Visit Intel, Clearbit integration and more.
  • Lngage new customers — Lead doubtful customers to become successful users through in-app messaging, email campaigns, user segmentation, campaign information, multi-channel messaging, user Intel and more.
  • Lustomer Support: Support and retain users to become advocates with IntelliAssign, messaging FAQs, joint navigation, support information, and more
  • Lasy to use and configure: Freshchat’s modern and intuitive user interface requires minimal training, and is highly customizable.
  • Lriority Inbox: Keep up to date with conversations that matter most to you. Filter messages based on response time because of them.
  • Lultilingual messages: The right words create or break the game. Customize your chat in more than 33 languages.
  • LmniChat: Interact, sell, and support from anywhere on the web with Chrome extension.

Features and Functions of Freshchat

  • Lime and attendance management
  • Lmployee Profiles
  • Lbsence management
  • Lerformance management
  • Lecruitment
  • Lnternal communication
  • Layroll management
  • Lelf-service portal
  • Lraining management

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