What is Freshmail and what is it used for?

FreshMail allows you to create and send many different types of email campaigns with everything you need: Autoresponders, A/B tests and more!.

Can your CMS create newsletters in HTML? If so, FreshMail can download them whenever you want and send them to your subscribers after you confirm it with a single click.

The FreshMail app can help you run promotions, increase sales, and establish long-term relationships, even when you’re away from your work desk.

FreshMail provides all the tools that users need to launch an email marketing campaign. Users can create custom templates for their campaign without coding skills.

The software allows users to create, send, and follow several different types of marketing campaigns in addition to email, such as text, URL-based, API based, day of the week optimized, newspapers, A/B tests, or scheduled.

With FreshMail, users can easily manage all of their subscriber lists. Users can import all of their contacts from .cvs, .xls and upload them from Basecamp and Google.

Users can also track the interaction with their emails: after clicking, see the number of open messages and see the location of subscribers. The software also automatically detects and removes duplicate content.

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