What is FTAPI SOFTWARE and what is it used for?

FTAPI is a platform that allows you to share and send documents of all sizes, through 4 levels of security, inside and outside the company.

Depending on the sensitivity level of your data, FTAPI allows you to choose between four different security levels, from secure download links to end-to-end encryption. You can take care of your data by deciding what level of security you would like to use to send your messages.

With data rooms, you provide your employees with an easy-to-use solution to securely store and exchange data. Any employee can place files without size restrictions in data rooms with end-to-end encryption and share them with colleagues, partners, or customers.

With the Outlook Add-in, you can benefit from the benefits of FTAPI in your family work environment. Write emails using your existing email address, add attachments of any size, and securely send your Outlook data to the desired recipient using highly reliable end-to-end encryption.

In addition, through your SubmitBox, external people can send you encrypted files. Without requiring them to register. FTAPI provides you with an innovative and easy-to-use solution that guarantees maximum security. By choosing secure data transfer with FTAPI, you take care of your data.

FTAPI SecuTransfer creates traceability and allows you to control the flow of data within your company and with external partners. All users can also keep track of the files they have submitted. FTAPI gives administrators and users everything they need to perform fully automated processes, making daily work much more effective and less time-consuming.

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