Ftopopo software

What is Ftopopo software and what is it used for?

Ftopia is an ideal document exchange service for professionals, allowing you to create customized private workspaces with ease.

With ftopia, keep your mark in front and center. Each of your projects can display its own visual identity, from the workspace header to the web pages for public download. Use your logos Use your colors Use your photos Make the user experience interesting and relevant.

Files of any size or type can be arranged in ftopia’s online data rooms and quickly access anytime from any Internet-connected location. Authorized team members can upload, access and update files and easily manage document revisions.

ftopia makes it easy to maintain a smooth but secure flow of information for your projects. The content of your rooms is only available to individuals and groups you grant access to. You determine user-level access within each folder. You can even assign “read-only” rights that allow users the ability to view, but not download documents.

Ftopia has all the features needed to encourage efficient teamwork on documents and files: tagging, document locking and unlocking, storage and access to previous versions, metadata search, public download links.

Files in folders assigned to ftopia data rooms can be worked without having to manually synchronize them. They can be dragged, dropped, and edited within your usual applications, even when they are not connected to the Internet. In addition, Activity reports allow you to easily control user invitations, document updates, public exchange and more.

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