What is Gantic and what is it used for?

Ganttic is a visual resource planning tool for managing project portfolios that allows the user to have the best overview of plans, having the ability to view them from the perspective of both projects and resources.

The resource planning tool gives you the freedom to rotate the planner. You can view your plans from the perspective of resources and projects.

Ganttic is online resource planning software, which you can use to manage your project portfolio while planning resources with maximum efficiency. You can create clear, complete visual plans that give you an instant overview of all your resources and projects.

Multi-project planning
Resource scheduling
Customizable reports
Multi-user environment
Custom data fields
Drag-and-drop reprogramming

Usage Tracking
Although you can set concurrent tasks in Ganttic, you can also keep an eye on the workload when using our Instant Utilization Charts. Since Ganttic is web-based software, you and every member of your team can access it from anywhere.

Unlimited collaboration

Because you pay based on the resources used and not based on the number of people using them, Ganttic does not set any limits for collaboration. Each user can synchronize the resources that are important to him with their Google Calendar. To keep your plans always in your pocket, you can also use our app for iOS or Android.

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