General Audit Tool

What is General Audit Tool and what is it used for?

General Audit Tool: One of the most important aspects of GAT is being able to show that your personal and customer data is not carelessly exposed through file sharing or e-mail attachments. To achieve this goal, regular and scheduled testing of all content and participations.In addition, from time to time management or security staff will need to inspect online content that may belong to other staff or customers. It is essential that this be done in a structured and approved workflow. This ensures that all access to all content is approved by properly designated Security Officers within the company.

Data loss can occur not only by email and document sharing, but also through the browser, using cut and paste, on any other web page where the user has logged in to his browser. The detection of this dynamic flow of sensitive information is critical to ensuring proper compliance with GDPR. GAT Shield is designed to meet such a requirement, observe and alert in real time.

General Audit Tool is the only comprehensive auditing and protection tool for G Suite, spanning Drive, Email, Groups, Users, Sites, Calendars, Applications, Extensions, Google+, Printers, Devices, Chrome, Chrome Extensions, Classrooms, and Collaboration. Free 15-day full-featured trial. GAT offers more oversight and protection than any other audit or security tool. GAT was the first auditing and protection tool in the Google application market and remains the main tool for these needs.

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