BRIC Project Management

What is BRIC Project Management and what is it used for?

Bric is a robust software that helps the user to accurately plan the schedule of the team, the user will know, who is working on what, how long the project will take and know the capacity of the new projects.

You need to know what the future holds. He needs an accurate prediction of what’s around the corner. And you must be able to make decisions before chaos.

Let Bric help you plan your team’s calendar accurately, so you can get back to the job you love with confidence.

No more whiteboards and spreadsheets. Bric digitizes its traffic management and uses analytics to make their plans more accurate. Set realistic deadlines and keep employees at their best.

AIGA recommends that companies target 65 per cent utilization; The United States average is 42 per cent. That means that the average creative firm of 10 people leaves more than $650,000 of lost income on the table every year.

Go beyond the tracking of time. See who’s available, who’s oversold, and what projects people are working on. Maximize profits by making your calendar the right one.

Features and Functions of BRIC Project Management

  • Contract management
  • Culti user
  • CD drawing
  • Ctate monitoring
  • CD Modeling
  • Contact Management
  • Cequence steps
  • Cxport import of files
  • CD images in 3D
  • Cresentation tools
  • Cresentation tools
  • Cicens management
  • Cuotations and offers

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