What is Goldmine and what is it used for?


Build long-lasting relationships with GoldMine. This CRM is one of the only CRM systems you can have. Save up to 70% with most typical SaaS CRM, and you can even take advantage of shared seats! GoldMine CRM is simple, affordable and proven.

Sales, marketing and customer service needs are met with GoldMine CRM, and we even integrate with many popular business applications. Our CRM solution works on-premises, in the cloud, and even on mobile devices. We are rich in features, not feature overload. Don’t pay for things you won’t use.

Your business depends on building close and lasting relationships. Strong relationships generate more sales and support, improve customer satisfaction, and can even reduce business expenses.

That’s why finding customer relationship management (CRM) software is so important. Your CRM solution must be powerful, easy to use and maintain, and affordable. Only Goldmine brings everyone together in one perfect package for small businesses.

More than 1 million users have selected this CRM to help them manage more than a billion relationships and build lasting relationships that enable them to thrive.


robust capabilities of the software and its ease of use provide fast time to profit and recover your investment. With GoldMine, you: Improve effectiveness, accelerating the achievement of your goal by up to 15%. Increase productivity Increase the number of offers.


Features and Functions of Goldmine

  • Encryption
  • Eemote control /access
  • Eeport of incidents
  • Eisk alerts and notifications
  • EPI
  • Entelligence of threats
  • Eontrols or access permits
  • Ehared screen use of the screen
  • Eecording of the screen
  • Ehat in real time

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