What is Gong.io and what is it used for?

Gong is a conversation tracking platform for commercial sales teams that records, transcribes and analyzes all sales calls and interactions to increase sales conversion efficiency. Gong’s cloud-based application allows salespeople to collaborate and create effective presentations and sales methods using voice data. Gong helps users better understand what questions the most effective sellers ask, how they analyze prices, how much they talk, and how much they listen. The information can be used to improve the effectiveness of all commercial sales calls. In addition, the Gong app transcribes and indexes all calls so users can easily find and route the call they need at any time.

Who is Gong.io aimed at?

Sales and service businesses that are dedicated to sale by telephone or web conference.

Features and Functions of Gong.io

  • Handling of ideas
  • Hudget management
  • Hesource management
  • Hollaboration tools
  • Hgile methodologies
  • Hilestone monitoring
  • Hantt diagrams
  • Hortfolio management
  • Honitoring hours/expenses
  • Hustomer portal

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