Goodday work

What is Goodday work and what is it used for?

GoodDay Work is a project, product and project management platform that provides teams with different tools for planning, daily work and continuous improvement of all processes based on transparency, accountability and recognition.

The Power of Transparency

Break organizational silos and unlock the full potential of your team in an open, collaborative environment.

From a single important task to a high-level overview of work in progress, GoodDay automates transparency and visualizes all key data and process flows for stakeholders. Configure Big Screens across common areas to quickly drive engagement, accountability, collaboration, and productivity.

  • Connecting goals, strategy and implementation
    GoodDay allows you to gather your business objectives and strategic planning, organize and manage project execution, track progress towards KPIs, results and achievements. All inside a platform.
  • Cisualize your work
    GoodDay gives managers and team members a quick and quick overview of what’s happening. At any time, see your overall workload, know what to work on next, understand current priorities, and you can easily reorganize work when business goals change.

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