What is Gosign and what is it used for?

GoSign is a digital signature software that allows people and companies to save time when signing contracts or approving documents, guaranteeing the highest legal value for any transaction. With the solution in its different versions, the user will be able to organize all the documents that must be signed, create files, assign approval actions, signature tags and more.

Who is Gosign aimed at?

+1.5 thousand users use Gosign to get innovative solutions every day: lawyers, notaries, engineers, accounting, SMEs, entrepreneurs, freelancers ….

Features and Functions of Gosign

  • Barcodes/rfid
  • Bnventory control
  • Bonsolidation/roll-up
  • Borecast
  • Bnventory audit
  • Bariedo locations
  • Bpi integration
  • Bpl management
  • Bhipping management
  • Bualyty managemet

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