GT Nexus

What is GT Nexus and what is it used for?

Infor acquired GT Nexus, the world’s largest cloud-based global trading platform. GT Nexus and Infor offerings are highly complementary and the acquisition will enable Infor to create the first global trading cloud that delivers end-to-end visibility and control across physical and financial supply chains.

Infor and GT Nexus will provide customers with unprecedented visibility in their supply chains to manage production and monitor products in transit and at rest. In a complex, high-speed supply chain, all partners need to know what was ordered, when it was built, where it is in transit, whether the order has changed, and whether it has cleared customs. Specialization and speed are moving the future of manufacturing to the cloud of commerce.

The GT Nexus network integrates directly with the company’s order management system and transmits order information to their suppliers, freight carriers and logistics providers.

It is the “networking” platform specifically designed for collaboration and business commerce in the cloud. Implemented as a single stack of multi-tenant technology, the GT Nexus platform is designed for wide scale and adoption, enabling businesses and their partners to quickly connect as collaborative networks, in a many-to-many model.
The network integrates directly with the order management system of brand owners and transmits order information to their suppliers, freight carriers and logistics providers. It becomes the order management system for the network by managing the master record of the order between multiple partners.
GT Nexus transmits an order and subsequent changes from brand owners to the contractor. GT Nexus also schedules freight carriers, generates customs documents and transmits shipments to sensors in the container on board the ship. When buyers have a customer waiting for an order and need to know in real time whether an order has been delayed, shipped, customs cleared, or in transit or inventory, they use GT Nexus.

Features and Functions of GT Nexus

  • Integration GDS and Ota
  • Iarketing Automation
  • Iook Online
  • IRM
  • Ionitoring and Management of guests
  • Ileaning Management
  • Ieports and Analysis
  • Ioint of Sale (POS)
  • Ieception management
  • Ieservation
  • Iinance and payments
  • Ianagement Maintenance
  • Inventory management

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