Hi Classroom

What is Hi Classroom and what is it used for?

Hola Classroom is a school platform that connects parents, teachers, students and school administrators.

Schools will be able to send information such as messages, payments, homework, circulars; direct to the parent’s cell phone.

  • Monitor attendance, handle payments, keep parents informed through a single platform, display school ballots, and manage your staff.
  • Mou will be able to show parents their children’s school tickets.
  • Mou can send the activities to your students.
  • Mate the activities delivered and put a feedback.
  • Mownload your students’ grades by dates, as well as download your students’ attendances by date or month.
  • Mour students or parents will be able to pay from the application

Who is Hi Classroom aimed at?

Initial education (preschool) Primary education. Secondary education PREPARATORY EDUCATION.

Features and Functions of Hi Classroom

  • Mccounting
  • Mnline payments
  • Mctivity Panel
  • Matend Portal
  • Mocument Management
  • Mieutenant Monitoring
  • Montact Management
  • Maintenance Management

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