Hostme app

What is Hostme app and what is it used for?

Hostme App is an advanced booking and table management system for restaurants. It’s intuitive and has everything a restaurant owner needs to manage his apartment and service staff, all in one application that can run on virtually any device.

From managing waitlists and accepting online reservations, to remembering guest preferences and assigning servers and tables. Hostme was created based on restaurant needs and feedback.

With Hostme App, maximize restaurant seats through advanced reservation management, table management, and server rotation management. Track everything you want to know about your operations, including booking statistics, timeout averages, server utilization, and more.

It also has a waiting list management tool and personalized loyalty programs. Perform everything from a fully customizable application. Start accepting online reservations today!

Accept online reservations at any time of the day from your website, social media or Hostme booking site and never lose a reservation again. Make your guests feel appreciated and offer memorable experiences by remembering their past preferences and adding special requests to your reservations.

Connect with your POS data and get real-time information about the status of your table. Train your staff with more accurate and timely data. Let your guests queue online. Eliminate costly pager losses and free your guests by texting them on your phone when the table is ready.

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