What is Howsociable and what is it used for?

HowSociable is a social media monitoring tool that helps you measure the magnitude of your brand. HowSociable makes brand management easier by providing a simple way to measure brand impact online using only your brand name.

HowSociable awards a ‘magnitude score’ from 0 to 10 indicating the level of activity around your brand in a given week through the social network, using the 36 most popular social networking sites. Even break down scores from different social media platforms so you can see where your brand is most active.

The tool also allows you to see which pages that refer to the brand have had the greatest impact and keep track of how scores change over time. HowSociable calculates brand impact scores using a sample that gives you a view of the parts of the social network where more than 60% of the activity is performed.

Reports can draw your attention to parts of the web that you might be neglecting and indicate where your efforts have been most successful. We are focused on providing you with the information you need as quickly and easily as possible. Start using HowSociable today so you can focus on what’s most important to your business.

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