Huddle Software

What is Huddle Software and what is it used for?

Huddle File Exchange offers the customizable solution for secure, simple and fast document collaboration for teams, businesses, and government organizations.

Collaborate on projects, share and edit files, and manage team activity in a secure, shared space. With Huddle, you get an easier way to collaborate and co-direct documents, control file versions, collaborate with clients, and organize team tasks. The built-in approval workflow means you’ll never miss a deadline again, and our free mobile app keeps you connected even when you’re on the road.

At Huddle File Exchange, teams can work together to share, discuss, and work on your content. It becomes your center of activity, so you spend less time organizing documents and tasks, searching for approvals and searching by email, and more time delivering exceptional results.

Let Huddle File Exchange add a better collaboration experience to your existing productivity tools. Huddle integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and Google for Work applications, so you can work the way you want.

Huddle syncs all this activity across all your devices, so no matter where you, your computer or your customers are, you’ll always be connected to the latest updates. Eliminate the complexity of managing your projects. Assign tasks and set approvals in your documents, and easily track progress.

Integrate popular business tools such as Microsoft Office, Google Apps for Work, SharePoint, and to add enhanced collaboration capabilities to your preferred productivity tools.

Identity and security integrations spanning 2FA, SSO, EMM, and MDM ensure you can control and manage access to Huddle within your existing identity management and security policies.

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