icharts BI

What is icharts BI and what is it used for?

iSharts is the leading business intelligence solution for NetSuite. Transform your NetSuite data into real-time interactive analytics without leaving your NetSuite dashboard. Completed with drag-and-drop graphics and best-practice templates, iSharts accelerates your organization’s analytics strategy by empowering your team with the data-driven critical tools they need.

If your NetSuite deployment uses Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) module to track your business data, it is already configured to add iHarts SaaS IQ. With a single package, iHarts SaaS IQ adds a built-in analytics dashboard to your NetSuite environment, with all the graphics and metrics you need to run a SaaS organization. It’s also the fastest way to get analytics for your SaaS business data. We work directly with the NetSuite software team to develop sophisticated SaaS metrics based on industry best practices. Get everything you need with minimal hassle.

SaaS Metrics installs everything you need with a single package. Most customers get up and running instantly. Immerse yourself in historical and future data, track trends in your ARR and MRR, or run a cohort analysis, all with minimal setup time.

Metrics such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), drop out rates, and Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) are key to your end result. SaaS Metrics puts them all in eight pre-built charts based on industry best practices and years of experience.

Instead of extracting your data or opening a bunch of windows, you can get all the statistics you need on a dashboard. It is also easy to use. If you can read a chart, you’re ready to use iHarts SaaS IQ to handle your business decisions.

iHarts SaaS IQ does more than convert numbers into visualizations, unlocks key knowledge. Analyze trends over time and learn more about how your retention and recurring revenue evolve and grow.

The ability to segment your data means you can view metrics across products, regions, or individual customers. You can also see how these segments affect your overall business.

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