What is IContact and what is it used for?

Icontact: Creating an email doesn’t have to take days anymore; with Icontact it only takes a few minutes!. If you’ve already played with other email marketing platforms, iContact will be your favorite, and not just because you can call, email or chat with their support team.

With its intuitive marketing automation you will never send emails manually again. ICONTACT saves companies time and budget by including only the advanced features you really need, such as list segmentation and workflows.

Set up custom workflows to email relevant offers to the right people, segment your contact list using known consumption measures, and take advantage of ICONTAT’s robust functionality with excellent customer service.

Creating Messages
Whatever your business needs, we have 600 email templates ready to use from your mobile phone. Complete them with your text, edited photos and corporate colors. Use your mouse to drag and drop your custom messages or ask how Design Services can help you.

Code Editor
Excellent for HTML professionals who want to edit codes and create their own emails from scratch. Review your design across multiple devices to make sure your message looks as good as possible.

Simple Answers
Customize your email conversations with your customers. Schedule a series of automated messages to be received by subscribers in different periods of time.

We are Deliverability Leaders
Our delivery deliverability experts make your message delivered while other ESPs cannot. Using tools like SpamcheckTM and establishing relationships with ISPs, we ensure that messages don’t fall into spam trays and place you on the blacklist.

Features and Functions of IContact

  • Printer control
  • Pirect modeling
  • Packup copies
  • Parametric design
  • Pile repair

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