What is ICUBESPRO and what is it used for?

iCubesPro offers you email marketing solutions, and automation software to meet the requirements of your business, ensuring the multiple conversion rate.

iCubesPro helps the marketing specialist acquire quality customers through integrated forms, growth notification lists and subscriptions.

iCubesPro campaigns include emails, short messages, push notifications, personalized Facebook audience targeting and more!

We help you implement email marketing automation solutions to meet your business requirements by ensuring a multiple conversion rate. Get ready to experience the best-in-class award-winning e-mail technology (ESP) solution provider.

Award-winning, best-in-class email marketing solutions that make it easy to create, deliver contextual and individual campaigns that harness the power of Machine Learning data.

Easily manage the full range of your email programs, including automated welcome programs, API-based enabled alerts, responsive templates, accurate targeting, remarketing, and predictive content recommendations that ensure multiple improvement of your email programs.

  • Rich Panel
  • Rhe best campaign scheduler
  • Responsive templates
  • Rest A/B with automatic winner programming
  • Rriority dispatch based on commitment
  • Rmart Predictive Emails

Features and Functions of ICUBESPRO

  • Rracking status
  • Rind map
  • Romments management
  • Rdeation and participatry production
  • Rlassification of ideas
  • Rorkflow management
  • Rollaboration

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