What is Ideta and what is it used for?

Ideta is a cloud-based conversational AI platform that helps businesses create AI-based chatbots that increase user engagement with a brand. This allows developers to create multiple test scenarios or chats to preview bot performance prior to deployment. Organizations can use Ideta’s natural language processing capabilities to extract information from written text or speech to identify intent from customer surveys. Managers can store customer communications and messages in a centralized database when needed. It also allows businesses to manage user authentication through single sign-on, minimizing data breaches and unauthorized access.

Who is Ideta aimed at?

Its target market are companies that wish to take advantage of the conversational uncomplication.

Features and Functions of Ideta

  • Configuration management
  • Cublications management and implementation
  • Celf-service portal
  • Cvailability management
  • Change management
  • Canagement contracts or licenses
  • Croblem management
  • Cncident management
  • Csset tracking
  • Cssets tracking. Support
  • Clert and lodgy tickets
  • CPI
  • Cive chat
  • Cnowledge management
  • Caiting lines
  • Chat and messaging

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