What is INEWSLETTER and what is it used for?

Create online newsletters with iNewsLetter!. Include as many high-resolution photos and videos as you want; without worrying about file size or quality.

More than 45% of iNewsLetter newsletters are compatible with all kinds of devices. Your content is automatically reformatted for smartphones and other mobile devices.

The iNew Letter pages automatically expand as needed for the duration of your article. Formatting is always consistent, no matter where the text is copied for a sleek and flawless look.

Follow the activity of your readers!. You can measure the number of readers of your school newsletter. In addition to measuring the number of readers for each issue of the newsletter, you can also view the average reading time and a breakdown by device type.

Publish your newsletters with a single click!. The publication of your newsletter is done with a single click to update your permanent link. iEWSLetter promotes an email to its subscribers and can integrate with partners such as Tiqbiz, Compass, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

When publishing, iNew Letter sends an automatic summary by email. The compendium beautifully summarizes photos and articles so your readers are more likely to read the newsletter.

Start your free trial without any commitment, no credit card required!. iEWSletter is billed according to its student population, but also offers comfortable plans to non-profit educational institutions.

Enjoy unlimited e-run with photos or attachments, unlimited subscribers and premium ad-free support!. iEWSLetter offers you everything you need!.

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