Influencerdb Platform

What is Influencerdb Platform and what is it used for?

InfluencerDB is an all-in-one solution for brands such as agencies and allows you to analyze influencers and manage influencer marketing campaigns.

Our software helps you find influencers on Instagram based on various filters such as country, theme, followers numbers, language and hashtags. Analyze influencer audiences to see if they reach their desired target group, and learn more about audience quality with respect to activity and engagement on Instagram.

Manage your influence relationships and campaigns with the help of our My Network feature. This feature helps you gather all influencers of interest in one place and control their data, which is regularly updated.

Monitor continuous collaborations in real time and keep all team members up to date. With our comprehensive reports, you’ll get all the relevant performance metrics to perfectly assess your campaigns.

Features and Benefits of InfluencerDB:

Use it to identify future and impactful talents in just seconds with Influencer Marketing Cloud’s advanced filter options.

Detailed audience engagement and demographics clarify at first glance whether an influence factor is the best choice for your brand or customer.

Influencer Marketing Cloud accelerates your selection process by 80%.

Even the largest teams can easily share lists of influencers, track campaign success, and keep campaign records up to date

See the value of your influential marketing efforts with instant reports on any brand brand and hashtag.

Stay on top of the competition and find out which influencers are collaborating with which brands.

Evaluate which content works best, discover trending hashtags, and make better data-driven decisions for your future campaigns.

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