What is Infort and what is it used for?

When Infocaja detects mishandling, even if you have authorization to do so such as eliminated tables, canceled products already printed, courtesies, changes of cash payment method by card or the option that you decide to configure. Infocaja sends an alert to your cell phone so you can realize it immediately. Make instant decisions such as which product is the most sold or the product that is no longer leaving and you must remove from the menu, which is the leading waiter in sales and which does not serve you, which waiters are charging the tip to the customer. Infocaja is designed to solve everything, from a small tortería to a large corporate. Online transfers of finished products or inputs from the commissariat to the units.

Who is Infort aimed at?

Restaurants, pizzerias, foodtrucks, bars regardless of size

Features and Functions of Infort

  • Calendar and Reminders System
  • Carketing Automation Integration
  • Casks Management
  • Cmail Marketing
  • Cnternal Chat Integration

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