What is Infusionft and what is it used for?

Infusionsoft CRM makes it easy to quickly create marketing and sales campaigns that, once completed and up and running, will allow you to regain your time to focus on the areas of your business you enjoy most.

Throw out spreadsheets and sticky notes and get the only CRM created specifically for small businesses, Infusionsoft.

With Infusionsoft CRM review the history of all interactions of your customers. Dashboards and reports show how your audience responds to the campaigns you run. Streamline your business by integrating with hundreds of leading business applications.

Marketing automation natively integrates with your CRM and allows you to create customer-targeted email tracking campaigns. Use email streams to test A/B your way to perfect email.

Marketing automation to work leads to the funnel and allows you to build a working sales pipeline. Rate your leads and know when they need more follow-up. Get analysis to see what works and what doesn’t.

View traffic, data, conversions and more using our updated analytics dashboard. Gain the valuable insights your data can provide to make smart business decisions. With Infusionsoft integrated order forms, online sales and payments make buying easier.

In addition to integration with QuickBooks, Xero, and other accounting software, the platform supports more than 20 billing accounts and pre-built accounts that track: sales, receivables, payments, credits and subscription revenue; revenue; customer life value; and orders, failed credit card and unpaid invoices.

Infusionsoft integrates with your e-commerce, email and websites. As leads enter, they automatically complete their data fields, saving you valuable time.

A Keap software specialized in Inbound Marketing:

Without losing the increase in sales as the main north of this Keap software, Infusionsoft has positioned itself as one of the best inbound marketing tools due to its effectiveness in helping SMEs and other small businesses and businesses to attract and convert their target audience into customers, providing accompaniment during each phase: customer attraction, conversion into lead, closure of sale, and loyalty, and also providing content and information of value at all times.

Thanks to this central line of work focused on Inbound Marketing that follows Keap Infusionsoft saves a lot of time and effort, improves the relationship with the customer, automates the marketing, sales are increased and has a positive impact both on the efficiency of work teams and on a direct increase in ROI.

The advantages of automation are many and fully exploitable for small companies SMEs, it is part of the success of the program to have focused on small and medium-sized companies, offering them a very complete software that allows them to simplify the closure of sales, generate profits and optimize systems, which is what it really does.

Prices of Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft prices are based on the number of users who will use the software. The minimum license price value is $99 and this amount can be increased if a deployment service is contracted

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Organization TypePrice in Dollars
Individual license cost$99
Estimated Deployment Cost$10000

Features and Functions of Infusionft

  • CRM
  • Cortfolio management
  • Contact management

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