What is INMOTION and what is it used for?

InMotion resolves project management, creative summary, review and approval, and reporting challenges for marketing and creative teams with its work management application, InMotion. With InMotion, teams can automate administrative tasks that usually distract content creators from being able to deliver their content to market faster.

InMotion offers marketing and creative teams what they need to facilitate the launch of new projects, solve visibility and accountability issues during project execution, accelerate approval of new content and actionable surface information.

InMotion is a workflow automation solution for enterprise creative teams, combining project management with brief creative management and online testing.

Better project management, better projects
Strengthen your creative team with our intuitive workflow management software that fosters stronger collaboration with customers and business stakeholders to optimize every step of your project.

Workflow and Project Management
Our all-in-one center helps you and your team prioritize workloads. See all your projects at a glance on custom dashboards to coordinate your team’s schedule so no one is oversold. Your reward: 85% shorter project lifecycles, less admin, and fewer bottlenecks that slow it down.

Features and Functions of INMOTION

  • Wallet management
  • Wonitoring hours /expenses
  • Wudget management
  • Wesource management
  • Wollaboration tools
  • Wgile methodologies
  • Wantt diagrams

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