What is Insitommerce and what is it used for?

InsiteCommerce Cloud is the powerful and flexible e-commerce platform designed to give businesses the flexibility to deliver the right information.

InsiteCommerce Cloud offers a one-of-a-kind user experience for customers, channel partners, direct sales in the field, and customer service representatives across the enterprise. Insite’s scalable platform expands complex B2B business logic, core business processes and systems to drive smart commerce and better interaction through native web and mobile solutions.

The user experience goes beyond an attractive site, it’s about boosting business efficiencies and getting people to get the right information when they need it. B2B companies of all sizes take advantage of InsiteCommerce to enhance these personalized experiences, delivering the right content per person, per industry or per user.

InsiteCommerce is built with a modern service-based architecture, API-first, with a full integration layer and integrated job scheduling on the platform. InsiteCommerce takes a flexible approach to addressing various features such as provisioning, researchers, field sales and more. Order workflows and approval process are integrated to make everyone’s work easier.

In addition, InsiteCommerce allows their customers self-service with access to orders, shipments and invoice history. Offer customers the ability to manage users of your site, send them to addresses, as well as to your list of commonly ordered products.

Built for B2BTM, Insite software meets the needs of manufacturers and distributors with robust core features and functionalities, while offering the breadth and flexibility to serve businesses of all sizes.

Features and Functions of Insitommerce

  • Policy Management
  • Proker / Brokers Portal
  • Plaims Management
  • Pudget Management
  • Pilling
  • Pocument Management
  • Panagement Fees
  • Pustomer Portal
  • Plassification Insurance

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