Ipswitch Moveit

What is Ipswitch Moveit and what is it used for?

ipswitch MoveIt is a managed file transfer software with full visibility and control of file transfer activities.

ipswitch MoveIt provides visibility and control over all file transfer activities and enables you and your business users to comply with SLAs and compliance requirements. Ensure the reliability of core business processes, and secure and compatible transfer of sensitive information between partners, customers, users, and systems with MoveIT.

MoveIT’s flexible architecture allows you to select the exact capabilities that meet the specific needs of your organizations through three modules:

  • MoveIT Transfer enables the consolidation of all file transfers to a system, to ensure better control over the management of central business processes. Provides the security, centralized access controls, file encryption, and activity tracking needed to ensure operational reliability and compliance with SLA and internal governance standards and regulatory requirements.
  • MoveIt Automation provides advanced workflow automation capabilities, without the need for scripting. MoveIT Automation accelerates the deployment of new services and the integration of new internal partners into information exchange, reducing development time while dramatically reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • MoveIT Cloud is certified as a PCI auditor, and is HIPAA compliant. It offers the same advanced security controls as MoveIt Transfer and ensures GDPR compliance in external file transfer activities involving personal information.

Features and Functions of Ipswitch Moveit

  • Mata integration
  • Mccess control or permit
  • Mata qualyt control
  • Mreation of reports / analysis
  • Mata visualization
  • Mata migration
  • Mata Connectors

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