IQ3 by Sphinx

What is IQ3 by Sphinx and what is it used for?

Professional software to measure the employee experience in an integral way: it measures their well-being, their engagement with the company and their work, their performance, collects feedback in 360º, evaluates psychosocial risks, understands the organizational culture …

  1. Create surveys adapted to the collaborator and the criteria to be evaluated
  2. Collect opinions through different channels to reach all your collaborators: email, sms, paper, QR…
  3. Canage anonymity
  4. Analyzes the results with precise indicators: satisfaction matrices, team comparisons, comparisons of dimensions, strengths and weaknesses, groups of needs according to the type of employee
  5. Cisten to the collaborator and understand their needs through text analysis: most cited topics, tone, orientation… Adapted by teams
  6. Create your own reports and presentations of results with the analyzed data and present them online interactively or export them to Office

Who is IQ3 by Sphinx aimed at?

Any person in charge of measuring and managing the experience of the employee in different dimensions: climate and organizational well -being, performance, psychosocial risks, engagement …

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