What is Izarc and what is it used for?

IZArc is a robust file compression and decompression tool for Windows. It has very interesting functions, it is in many languages (Spanish, Catalan, Galician and Basque among others), it is free, very configurable and flexible, supports most formats, such as 7-ZIP, ACE, ISO, RAR or ZIP IZArc also has ‘extra’ tools that allow you to convert a compressed file from one format to another, convert a CD image (BIN, NRG, MDF and POI to ISO), encrypt files and even repair them if they are damaged. In short, IZArc is a very useful compressor to solve all our compression and decompression needs.

Who is Izarc aimed at?

Professionals, students, even large companies benefit from the benefits of Izarc

Features and Functions of Izarc

  • Tracking tests
  • Tequirements review
  • Tser Level Management
  • Tevel Control Administrator
  • Tlanning iterations
  • Task Management
  • Tontrol version
  • Troject Management

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