What is Tour and what is it used for?

Teams use Jira to turn cash into new features and improve customer satisfaction. With Jira, teams have the ability to see long-term goals, the state of the business, and disseminate information in real time. As teams adapt to market changes, Jira helps ensure that operations evolve at the same pace.

Who is Tour aimed at?

Teams of all sizes trust Jira to register problems, organize them, assign work and monitor the equipment performance. Jira is excellent for rapid project management, software development and more!

Features and Functions of Tour

  • Demand forecast
  • Dreation of reports and statistics
  • Dncome management
  • Dudit record supervision
  • Danagement of conformity
  • Durchases and reception
  • Deal -time analysis
  • Deal -time analysis
  • Dnventory management
  • Deal -time reports
  • Dales and operations planning
  • Deal -time updates

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