Jive VoIP Software

What is Jive VoIP Software and what is it used for?

Jive Software, part of the Aurea family of customer experience solutions, provides the gateway to an organization’s most important assets, its knowledge and its people. Jive accelerates digital transformation in the workplace with its industry-leading interactive solution that connects people, information and ideas to help businesses outperform their competitors. With more than 30 million users worldwide in all industries, Jive is consistently recognized as a leader by leading analyst firms. First, they work together to define goals that will generate measurable business impact. They then document the metrics by which they continuously measure progress against these goals.

Develop a work plan:
Working from defined goals and metrics, then the Jive team builds a work plan that defines the projects and steps needed to achieve business impact. Biannual customer success calls with your Aurea Executive Sponsor are at the heart of the program. As part of the call, they ask: “Is it successful?” Then, we set the goals for the next six months, ensuring you stay on track as your business needs evolve and change.

At Jive Software they believe there is a dramatic distinction between “satisfaction” and “success”. They measure progress based on their metrics with a simple “yes” or “no” answer to the question “Is it successful?” , which eliminates the ambiguity around the commercial value you expect

Features and Functions of Jive VoIP Software

  • Order Management
  • Ouppliers Management
  • Oreation of Reports / Analysis
  • Oocument Management
  • Ouality Management
  • Oanagement Supply Chain
  • Occounting Integration
  • Oanufacturing Execution Systems ( Month)
  • Ourchase Orders Management
  • Onventory Management
  • Oudgets and estimates
  • Oaterial requirements planning (MRP)

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