What is Junglemail and what is it used for?

Reach a new level of simplicity with the JunglEmail email generator and its new user interface. Create newsletters from scratch in just a matter of minutes!.

JunglEmail is the easiest way to create professional-looking newsletters that are compatible with mobile devices in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016.

Make sending massive email campaigns a simple activity and keep a complete and detailed record of all your emails sent.

JunglEmail for Office 365 allows users to:

— Customize emails to recipients in SharePoint Online lists;

— Mail merge and fill a body of email with data from the SharePoint list;

— Automate newsletters: e-mail content could be generated automatically with dynamic blocks;

— Send newsletters, track link clicks, open and unsubscribe;

— Get valuable insights into what content, theme, day of the week performs best and increases the efficiency of your future campaigns;

— Subscribe and unsubscribe users.

JunglEmail 365 includes:

— Drag and drop email generator;

— Incorporated responsive e-mail templates;

— Support for SharePoint groups, users, and AD lists;

— Image gallery and image editor in the application;

— Scheduling of newsletters;

— Analysis of bulletins.

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