Jxnet Corporate

What is Jxnet Corporate and what is it used for?

With JxNet CORPORATE you will have a main screen of the management module, which can help you organize your priorities, showing your next tasks and the expired tasks, being able to also configure the favorites to the most used views and trays. Functionalities and features: Full web: It does not need installation in the workstations or individual configurations, it only requires a browser. Processes: Management of judicial and extrajudicial cases; Trades, corporate, contracts, regulatory, administrative, etc. Automaticity: Expirations and status changes are created automatically from tasks already performed. Less use of paper: History of the subject with the possibility of recording in the history documents, e-mails, spreadsheets, scanned. Microsoft Office: Editing documents and automatic writing with MS Word, export of reports to MS Excel, PDF, Txt. Reports: Users can create and share their own reports. Forecasts: Developments and functions to record and automate the calculation of forecasts and accounting reserves. External studies: Management of reports, expenses and fees. Digital signature: Digitally or electronically sign documents, authorizations, approvals and rejections.

Who is Jxnet Corporate aimed at?

Created for legal departments, law firms and independent lawyers.

Features and Functions of Jxnet Corporate

  • Accounting Integration
  • Audget Tracking /Job Costs

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