What is K-ECOMMERCE and what is it used for?

K-ecommerce is a complete and secure SEO solution optimized and responsive for e-commerce with integration to Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Business One that can meet all your B2B and B2C challenges.

The K-ecommerce platform meets the needs of both the online B2B buyer and the B2C buyer. Designed and integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics suite and SAP Business One, the K-ecommerce platform simplifies online sales and maintenance of the web store. Created in the Microsoft.NET Framework, the platform’s native synchronization technology creates a bi-directional information flow to automate web orders and display customer and product information in real time in the frontend web store, leaving only one maintenance point: your ERP /CRM system. The platform also facilitates online transactions and uses tokenization and our PCI-certified private cloud to ensure world-class security. Fully responsive and tactile optimized for a web store ready for mobile devices/tablets, equipped with a complete content management system and an interactive product catalog tool along with the ability to fully customize through Model View Controller (MVC), K-ecommerce platform puts the companies in full control of their web presence, including the corporate website and the online store. Whether in the wholesale/distribution sector or in the retail industry, this highly scalable, ready-to-use solution gives organizations the flexibility to grow their business online and is ready to go, right away.

The solution can be configured as a sales portal for representatives that allows them to access customer details and orders from any web-enabled desktop or mobile device. K-ecommerce accepts credit card payments with many payment gateways for secure credit card processing and offers an online Invoice Payment module. All solutions can be deployed in the private cloud certified by K-ecommerce PCI on a shared or dedicated server. Full license versions are also available that can be deployed locally or on a dedicated server in K-ecommerce’s private cloud.

Features and Functions of K-ECOMMERCE

  • Portfolio management
  • Pdeas management
  • Pollaboration tools
  • Pilestone monitoring
  • Ponitoring hours /expenses
  • Plient portal
  • Pesource management
  • Pgile methodologies

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