What is Kaliocommerce and what is it used for?

The KalioCommerce platform is designed to make the effort to manage an e-commerce website as easy as possible without giving up the control or ability to meet a customer’s unique business requirements.

Our particular niche of customers are mid-market companies, B2C and B2B who want to maximize online sales and minimize technical backwardness or inability to provide new and personalized shopping experiences. KalioCommerce is a Platform as a Service and includes a Professional Services Team that has collaborated to implement and support mid-market e-commerce websites for more than a decade with the experience, competence and dedication needed to create critical websites customers can rely on to drive your eCommerce channels.

KalioCommerce offers e-commerce professionals the tools they need to directly add, delete, update and manage the offered products. You have access to manage and organize product data on your site through the settings in the site administrator interface.

Your site is a living and always changing environment. You must be agile and agile. Changes are recorded and a history for auditability is preserved. In addition, you can revert (undo) any changes to revert to an earlier version of the site whenever necessary.

No matter what industry you are in, what you sell, whether you sell to consumers or businesses, the KalioCommerce e-commerce platform gives you the power to build a beautiful e-commerce site without templates.

Create as many styles as you want for your category and product pages, and organize your online store exactly the way you need to ensure your customers get where they need, quickly and with the user experience that matches your brand.

With KalioCommerce you get the capabilities in a single integrated user interface. Experience the time savings of dynamic categories and the performance improvements of automated marketing.

Customers can buy more efficiently, and they are likely to buy more products, when they effectively market on their site. That’s why we give you control to put the right products in front of your customers. KalioCommerce offers you robust capabilities that allow you to market products and related items in many ways.

Features and Functions of Kaliocommerce

  • Portfolio management
  • Ponitoring hours/expenses
  • Pollaboration tools
  • Pilestone monitor of collaboration
  • Pilestone tracking

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