Kasm workspaces

What is Kasm workspaces and what is it used for?

Delivery of containerized desktops and applications to end users. Workspaces Platform provides enterprise-class instrumentation, data prevention, and webcast technology to deliver containerized workloads to your browser. Desktop spaces Desktop as a Service Access your desktop in seconds, on any device, from anywhere, securely with a web browser. Keep your browsing safe, private and private without compromising your terminal.

Who is Kasm workspaces aimed at?

It is an free version of the Professional/Enterprise container transmission platform for individual users, nonprofit organizations and companies that wish to test the platform.

Features and Functions of Kasm workspaces

  • Ticket management
  • Tutomated routing
  • Telf-service portal
  • Tmail integration
  • Tive chat
  • Tanagement Knowledge base

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