Kayako Help Desk

What is Kayako Help Desk and what is it used for?


Kayako is an effortless customer service software that helps teams become more productive and generate loyalty among customers. Unlike legacy support tools, Kayako brings together your multi-channel conversations and customer information so you can support customers as a team and keep personal contact, even as you grow.

Kayako, customer-obsessed companies improve by providing effortlessly customer service experiences. Customer service is changing. Today, your client expects to be recognized and understood as an individual, not as a ticket.

Unlike traditional support services, Kayako connects the points between its support channels, your customer’s information and your team. Kayako is used by more than 130,000 customer service professionals in companies around the world, including Peugeot, NASA and Fedex.

Kayako is a help desk software that is much more useful. An effortless customer service software that puts your customer at the center of everything: helping your team become more productive and your business develop customer loyalty. Kayako Live Chat Software improves customer services by reducing response rates with faster connection times.

Kayako Messenger. Support customers with a live chat experience that is as intuitive as sending messages to friends. Proactive engagement. Turn visitors into customers and assist with proactive messages based on their behavior.

Mobile phone holder. Help customers on the move with live chat on their mobile website or integrated into their own apps. Degrees of customer satisfaction. Listen to your customers and measure the satisfaction of each conversation. Insights. Control your team with dashboards at a glance and instant access to the metrics that matter.

Custom reports. Dive deeper into your data to discover ideas and trends to work smarter, not harder. Message status. See when your message was read to see if your customer needs follow-up. Keep track of open conversations customers may have. Active conversations. See when your customer has other conversations to avoid duplication.

View your customers’ latest activity before starting a conversation. Previous events. Get instant context for a better first response. See what your customer’s last activities were before starting a conversation.

Real-time conversations. See what your customer’s latest activities were for more personal conversations. Find out which Help Center items your customer has already seen and guide them accordingly. Activities of the Help Center. Find out which items your customer has seen to guide them towards a better solution.

Make suggestions to customers based on their queries. Smart search suggestions. Kayako suggests useful searches depending on what you’re doing.

Features and Functions of Kayako Help Desk

  • Chat
  • Cntuitive dashboards
  • Cmail marketing
  • CPI integrations
  • Coi analysis and follow-up
  • Cocial marketing
  • Corm
  • C /b testing
  • Ceads management
  • Cata Base

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