What is Kenjo and what is it used for?

Kenya is a cloud-based, all-in-one HR solution for managers and employees of small and medium-sized enterprises. By choosing Kenya, you can securely store all your HR information in one place that optimizes budgets and workflows. With Kenya, HR managers improve the onboarding experience for new employees, monitor employee engagement through surveys, and design learning and development programs. Recruiters can use this solution to post vacancies across multiple portals, social media profiles, and create talent channels. Kenya allows supervisors and managers to create tasks for individual employees or teams, organize daily plans, manage freelancers/contractors, collect feedback, evaluate employee progress, and organize meetings.

Who is Kenjo aimed at?

Kenjo is a human resources solution all in one based on the cloud for managers and employees of small and medium enterprises.

Features and Functions of Kenjo

  • Portfolio management
  • Ponitoring hours /expenses
  • Plient portal
  • Pdeas management
  • Pudget management
  • Pesource management
  • Pollaboration tools
  • Pgile methodologies
  • Pollow -up of milestones
  • Pantt diagrams

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